Personal Training

If you want a tailored program to help you reach your goals, or feel that you'd benefit from the additional accountability or instruction, a personal trainer can be a fantastic resource.

The benefits of having a Personal Trainer

  • Challenge you to get to the next level if you’ve hit a plateau
  • Help you use the equipment properly so you get the most out of your workouts and avoid injury
  • Create a program for you to train for a specific sport or upcoming event
  • Provide the motivation you might need to work harder than you do on your own
  • Provide the accountability you need to stay motivated with your training program and eating plan
  • Design a program to help with recovery from an injury or illness
  • Some PTs are also trained in nutrition

How to get started

  • View the bios of our Personal Trainers and fill out the booking form
  • Your chosen PT will be in touch to ask a few questions about what you want to achieve, and to provide info about their process and fees.
  • If you don’t opt for one particular PT, we allocate enquiries on a round robin basis
  • You’ll start with assessing your fitness levels, taking measurements, getting your health history and setting some goals.
  • Your PT will develop a tailored plan, show you how to do each exercise correctly and work with you to keep you on track.
  • Our PTs offer one-on-one or small groups (2-3 max) sessions, using the facilities in our gym.

Meet our Personal Trainers

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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer Stef


Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer Tei


Personal Trainer

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